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Testimonials for The Wave Riders®

"...I was stuck in suicidal depression. This book has saved my life. "

REVIEW: Out of a personal odyssey into the cycle of depression and the observed effects of living with a bio-polar mother, Indigo Irwin Kennedy courageously offers fresh new perspectives into these human experiences that affect thousands of people. She demystifies the pathology by presenting the idea that those who experience these disorders are highly creative, gifted and productive when they learn to manage the cyclical pattern of their energy - when they recognize they are masterful as Wave Riders. Only one who has "been there" can offer such authentic, insightful and yet simple steps for finding one's personal truth.
Lana J. Ford, Ph.D., neuroscientist and author of Miracles and Other Ordinary Things and There is NoTHING Wrong with Me -- Awakening to the Presence of the Divine

"...highly gifted in her words of counsel and wealth of knowledge in regards to the phenomena that is Wave Riding. "

Testimonial: Indigo is truly God sent, a skillful mentor and highly gifted in her words of counsel and wealth of knowledge in regards to the phenomena that is Wave Riding. Time and time again I have fallen into the grips of obsessive self-analysis and the over-use of adrenaline which leads me into the dark pit of depression. I am thankful to have an overseas mentor, by whom I can call friend. She is always there - day or night to answer my problems and guide me into blissful and perfect balance.
She truly is AMAZING!!!
*thumbs up*
Jane - United Kingdom

"It explains so much about me now that I know why I was acting that way! "

REVIEW: I'm so, so, so glad l read it. It's easy to get a little jaded about self help books, I used to collect them and they never did anything LOL. But your book, well, it was like having my eyes opened for the first time, I saw things in me that I'd never even noticed. It explains so much about me now that I know why I was acting that way! ...I bought your book a few months ago, and have been meaning to write and tell you how much I loved it ever since. I was in tears by chapter two, the things you wrote about your mother I really identified with. Anyway, the remainder of the book was quite simply an eye opener. I've written some stuff on my blog and linked to your website. I also rang my PND counsellor and told her she simply HAD to buy the book, I hope she does...
Gabbie - Australia

"... the shock of recognition was profound and releasing. "

Testimonial: Indigo, The book arrived today; I started reading this afternoon, I nodded from pg 1 and burst into tears on pg 50!!-the shock of recognition was profound and releasing. From there everything you suggest makes sense, resonates and has to make a difference to me and anyone who comes into contact with me. Thankyou very much. I will keep in touch as I reflect and assimilate.
David Chaloner

"...For the first time that I can remember in so many years I am no longer depressed. "

Testimonial: Before reading "The Wave Riders" I had tried medications (the side effects were awefull), talk therapy (no real help) and just toughing it out (obviously didn't work). I tried self medicating but that created more problems than it solved. After reading "The Wave Riders"and realizing that I wasn't alone and that I could learn to live with being BI-POLAR, my life has improved. I have told others about this way of looking at life, including some mental health workers. They have also agreed that this is a good tool. Thank you.
Della D. Dalaney

Testimonial: I am getting a lot of insight from your book, and finding it very helpful. I have recommended it to 2 friends...It is so lovely to read such a simple,honest book and feel it will touch the lives of many, many people.... I have finished your book. Wow, it is amazing. I feel a copy should be put into doctors surgeries. So much of what you say I can relate to....I can`t thank you enough Indigo for such excellent writing on depresssion, and know your book will help countless others, but it couldn`t have been done without your own personal pain.
Kathy Bourne - United Kingdom

Testimonial: The WaveRiders book revolutionized my thinking about my mental disorder/disease (disease) /illness/ circumstances/ gifts-needed-to-be-balanced and helped me break through to the other side of well-being.. enlightenment. Thank you so much. It was the first step towards recovery from the depths I thought no one else understood.
B.W. - New Orleans, LA

"...the moment I received it...I could not put it down."

Testimonial: I am very grateful to Indigo for coming into my life with her unwavering commitment and support, in many different ways, to assist me in creating my vision for this ‘new’ era of my life as a visual artist. Her ability to be help me clarify my dream, then to ‘coach’ me along using her knowledge and skills to identify and then initiate the plan and steps required to be continually moving, in a way, effortlessly in this direction, has been amazing. I have learned, from Indigo, to recognise where I am at on the ‘wave’ and to use this information for my greater good and to my advantage. She believes ‘it’ can be accomplished – she is a creative person helping others be productively creative.
Destanne Norris - Canada

Testimonial: Your book is of constant value to me. When I'm up and down, I remember that I'm a waverider, not a defective human being. The acceptance and understanding of this fact is calming. I take a deep breath and love myself for who I am.
Elizabeth - Redondo Beach, CA

"I keep reading things over and over as I find comfort in it"

Testimonial: Dear Indigo, Even after reading only a few pages I realized this was a book which addressed issues I'd been having for years. I saw myself on every page and after taking Indigo's advice, I feel much more confident and able to handle the ups and downs. Thanks for writing this very special book.
B.L. Caston

Testimonial: Indigo's writing is absolutely riveting! I was compelled to keep reading, and stressed when I had to put the book down.
Diana Birrell

"I now take the time for me. I have finally found the joy that I wanted in my life."

Testimonial: Dear Indigo, I have loved every minute that I have been reading your WONDERFUL book...I'd given a zillion dollars if I"d had this 35 years did the right thing about buying 2 books and be able to discuss things with my daughter...Your book is soooooooooooooooooooo THOUGHT PROVOKING...I have a 3x 5 card file now of your BEST STUFF...and things to remember ....we talk every day, and some days, she's not in the mood, nor am I, we skip a day...IF she wants to talk about the book, we do, and I get the page she is on, and it's a BLESSING TO HAVE... I cannot give you enough praise for writing this BOOK...and, cannot wait until you write MORE.......
PT - Texas

Testimonial: Dear Indigo, " The Wave Riders® is the most fascinating , life saving, positive, out of anything I have ever read on bi polar... "
Corlene - Ontario Canada

"I am proud to be a Wave Rider and that is a long way from embarrassed about being depressed.
I no longer feel that something is wrong with me."

Testimonial: Dear Indigo, I am Phyllis Luk from Hong Kong, and I have sufferred from biopolar since 1994. In late April, I was sent to hospital because of overdosing (intend to committ suicide). Then I needed to stay at psychiatric ward for two months. During my stay, my brother ordered your book. So, I had a chance to read the book thoroughly. I found it very useful in coping with my problem. Now, I feel much better and have started a new life. As a social worker, I do hope more people can share your experiences. And most of the imnportance is the change of concept towards biopolar disorder, that is a gift, not a disease. Anyway, I hope there may be a version in Chinese, as few people have the knowledge about it in China.
Phyllis Luk - Hong Kong

Testimonial: Just a brief note to tell you that i loved "the waveriders." i'm adding it to my list of recommended books on bipolar disorder. good luck! best.
Andy Behrman, author - "electroboy: a memoir of mania"

"I use the steps in the book and teach it to all my students."

Testimonial: Thank god someone out there has realized this before I had. I'm sure I would of gotten there, but you nailed it. Which helped me nail it sooner, which gets me to live healthier and happier quicker... All I needed was to read your website and understand that I had emotions and that I was disconnected. As well, your website helps us realized that it's ok to go up and down and there is a way to manage it.

Since March 15th of this year and per what your book is saying to me is that you found yourself through your journey which inspired you to write a book and share your experience with the world. By accepting and finding the courage and wisdom you found yourself and was able to develop tools to "cure" depression in a simple and spiritual way. "breathing" technically, living one moment at a time.

Then I met you...a person who understood understand spirituality...this is what I feel is your purpose. Give the word of true self> spirituality> living in the moment whatever it is for the person...When I read your book, the reason I feel HIGH (which I manage better) is because your honest and speak from the heart and you can tell this worked for you

Also flirting through the pages i've noticed that you have researched extenstively this phenomenon which adds to your 'expertise". You explain things simply which makes me feel and perhaps others feel normal. That's how I felt when I read the diognosis of bi-polar. I said to myself nice i'm bi-polar I have a gift. I never questioned that I was sick like many others do.

As well, when I'll pass the other two copies along to my family members I'll share my journey with them and how I came about this book...You gave me to tool of breathing and truly staying connected. Teaching me via our connection and email conversation how I was up and down. You taught me to really note my feelings and patterns. Sleep well, excerise and make sure I don"t get hung up on others around me. You helped me recover through the power of email and breathing.

Angele L - Social Worker - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"As I read the book, I thought she was writing about my life!"

Testimonial:I have ordered three books previously, so now a total of six. .......... I do hypnotherapy, Quantum Energy Healing, Reality/Choice Therapy, and a few other things. I give the books to people that I have dialogue with whom have Bi-polar. Your book has already affected one person tremendously.......One of the most creative human beings I have ever known. Nicely done.
Mark H.

Testimonial:In simply engaging in conscious breathing when I am about to be swept out to sea on another mighty wave, and on getting my heartbeat to slow I have been able to avoid several energy consuming, swift and dead end trips already. I wish I had known of this a long time ago. My regrets would certainly be fewer. But I am grateful to know it now and realise my future can be a big improvement on my past. Many thanks to you
Lisa Raumati

"I have been reading it and it is very insightful... It gives me hope to change my life."

Testimonial: Dear Indigo, Just a note to say thank you ... as you would have heard many times before, it has been a soul saver. Actually not a life saver as I have never sought to end life but my soul has been in a fair bit of angst over the last while and none more so than when I began to fathom that it is highly likely that I have bi polar. I've tried so much to rationalize whats me and whats IT and of course have struggled to separate two things that are intrinsically entwined...There are many people here whom I have discussed your treasure box of wisdom with and they are all keen to purchase it
SG Australia

Testimonial:We all want to change the things that don't work in our lives. Indigo Irwin Kennedy, in her book, The Wave Riders, tackles this problem by giving the reader user-friendly steps to be applied in the very moment they are needed. When I began reading the book, something prompted me to start reading it out loud. I continued, in this way, and found myself going through the entire book twice. Now, two months later, I catch myself unwittingly repeating the exact words of The Wave Riders to my family, friends, and clients. The book has worked its way into my life. You too will know you are inside the mind of a brilliant teacher. Just read the first page and see if you can put the book down! "
Miriam - Consultant/Teacher/Journalist

"Wow, with a capital "W". Your newsletter was staggering in it's implications for my life now, today. Thank you."

Testimonial:I was deeply moved, and really opened my heart to the pain that is involved.I think it is very good, and will help many people... I am still trying to find out what my heart desire is, I am sure your book is going to help me. I am loving it, keep up the good work.
Love Ann Y.

Testimonial:I started reading the book from the moment I received it and I could not put it down. I found it fascinating to know that other people experienced the same things that I do and my sister does. Thanks for the inspiration!
Judith Harris

"What a wonderful and innovative discovery you have made. Thank you for generously sharing it."

Testimonial: I found it (the book) to be a clear and articulate account of the experience. I have written a small amount about depression for an art exhibit and found it difficult to word and highly emotional to write so I applaud your abilities! I think that your book was interesting for me because it is the first book on the topic written from the "user's" point of view. All other books I have read are written "about" the topic academically whereas the wave riders seemed more like an "insider's guide." I also appreciate the title - Rather then another book called "dealing with your depression....." you give the condition a positive (almost "heroic") terminology. Clever - it makes me feel that I just have to tweak something that is out of adjustment rather then having to climb out from under the rock of darkness and inability.
RM - Canada

Testimonial: Dear Indigo, When reading, some tears comes to my eyes, some laughter and a lot of recognition.
RS - Spain

" I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to know it's OK to be less intense. Since reading your book I have no more suicidal thoughts or cravings for cigarettes. Those thoughts came when I was high as well as low. .."

Testimonial: Hi Indigo. I have read your book and as I went along I kept a marker at hand to mark the most important parts. At the end I have almost marked the whole book, which means I found out that it just needs to be used as a manual you search and read whenever you have forgotten how “the machine” works....reading the book puts everything into place. It gives the whole picture a meaning.
(name withheld for privacy) - Spain

Testimonial: Wow you truly are amazing. I love you!!! :D You made a whole loada sense and I am keen and eager to keep liasing with you. You have a sound balance in your theories. Have you heard of the Da Vinci Method by Garret LaPorto?, that book fustrated me and confused and gave me unnecessary highs but you seem to have said the same thing but at a more sound, balanced and truthful perspective. Gosh wow! Thank God for your profoundly gifted, intelligent and creative mind.
(name withheld for privacy) - UK

(name withheld for privacy) - Texas

"This is the best book I have read in years!"
Testimonial: Dear Indigo, I think I'm experiencing the mid-wave! ... Today I realized I feel like a whole new person. I haven't felt this level in years. ... I had a total sense of peace and calm today with hope of living a good life from here on. Thank you so much! I will be ordering a couple of new books soon. I gave another one to a coworker the other day....

Testimonial: Dearest Indigo, Between you and the Lord, I owe a great deal of gratitude! I ordered your book, The Wave Riders®, awhile back and it has been the best purchase I think I've ever made. My husband was diagnosed Bi-Polar 2 years ago...medicines made him worse! He refused to take them anymore, so even the doctor visits were a waste of our time! So I decided to surf the web for more information and drug alternatives , when I happened upon your website. I read the different testimonies of others that had purchased your book, and decided to give it a shot. I'd done everything else but have brain surgery done on him,.... what could it hurt!

My husband was away for 2 weeks on his job, when your book arrived and of course I sat down and read it! I was totally shocked! Everything that you described in the book was us! But the biggest shock was that I was going about helping him in all the wrong ways! I didn't know there was a medium...I was steadily trying to keep him on a high, so he wouldn't have a low. I babied him constantly...that only made it worse! The book really made me reflect on me, more than him! Because, lets face it, ..I'm the one that see's the changes coming on...not him! He only sees them when their over! So by practicing the guidelines in your book, not only is my wonderful By-Polar husband learning to "Ride the Waves", his wife ,now, knows how to ride them with him! Instead of cursing the mountain we've simply learnt how to walk around it! Thank you so much Indigo!
(name withheld for privacy)

"The steps are so easy to follow!"

Testimonial: Dear Indigo, ....wished I read it 15 years ago. My family and friends pretty much have labeled me as crazy. The qualify life by whether you have a job or are working. I have a Pilots license, MBA and other degrees, traveled to over 30 countries ...Everybody expected (name removed) to be the next CEO of IBM by age 30, anything else unacceptable. Captaining boats, unacceptable, Corporate job with a title more than acceptable.
(name withheld for privacy) - California

Testimonial:Thank you so much for your quick response. I had previously ordered two of your books when my daughter was first diagnosed in April. Since then, more family members want to learn about the Waveriders and how to best support them, thus the second order of four books. Many thanks for your insight and hope you provide to all involved.

"I need to buy one for my friend because he will not give my copy back."

Testimonial:I hold your book as a tool, not only for bi-polor, but for everyone. It should be assigned reading in schools and in families because i believe everyone is in some way influenced by the disease. The sooner we give up our denial the better off we will all become. Healing begins with awareness...

Testimonial:Today I realized I feel like a whole new person. I haven't felt this level in years.... I had a total sense of peace and calm today with hope of living a good life from here on. Thank you so much! I will be ordering a couple of new books soon. I gave another one to a coworker the other day.

"I did not realize that many of us in business and the arts are bi-polar in different levels."
Testimonial:Wave Riders is the most facinating , life saving, positive, out of anything I have ever read on bi polar. May the Lord richly bless Indigo Irwin Kennedy, for being there for us.

Testimonial:A friend referred me to The Wave Riders® website by chance. I was amazed because here were my feelings and the hitherto unrecognized patterns which had been controlling me for so much of my life. I think the most, MOST important part of Indigo's philosophy is that WE ARE ULTIMATELY IN CONTROL and can ride the waves without drowning in them, though it may not feel like it much of the time.

Testimonial:I read your inspiring book "The Wave Riders®" and felt finally here is a book that speaks to me, that reflects what I have always felt, that my bi-polar condition is a gift of evolution and not the curse that is labelled by society at large

"Wow, it is great to know that, as a Wave Rider, I stand alongside many great male and female achievers of the world!"

Testimonial:I just wanted to take a moment and give you a sincere THANK YOU for your book.... I don't have a lot of time for your site and so can't comment upon that. I DO however know that the ideas you presented in your book have made a profound change in how I approach my life and I cannot thank you enough.

Testimonial:Your book and newsetter has truely helped me! I try not to remind myself all the time that I'm bipolar, but when in trouble or a little bit down reading your site, book and newsletter helps me! I have recommeded it to 2 friends as well! I am in a good place at the moment psychologically, calm, relaxed and happy! I get my little bouts of depression but not the extremes of last year!

Testimonial:I just received your book ... it is everything I had hoped for regarding questions about our daughter's condition that has been diagnosed as Bi-Polar....Thank you for a great manual for observers as well.

"Thank you for saving my life."

Testimonial:I just want to say thank you to Indigo for putting her struggle into words so that we others may benefit. At 45, I realized that I had to do something to fix what seemed wrong in my life. I've sought counseling sporadically since I was a teenager, but none of the counselors were more than sounding boards, (I may as well have been talking to the wall) and friends and family couldn't help much. Eventually, when I woke up one morning and couldn't function, and sat around crying but unsure why I was crying while needing to help my 2 children get ready for school, I finally realized I was depressed, and asked my medical practitioner to prescribe some medication for it. It took a while, but we found a fairly good medication that works for me. However, I noticed that there were times when I felt fine, better than fine, and then, even though I was on medication for depression, I could feel the depression festering inside me - though it didn't paralyze me anymore because of the medication.

A friend referred me to the Wave Riders website by chance. I was amazed because here were my feelings and the hitherto unrecognized patterns which had been controlling me for so much of my life. I think the most, MOST important part of Indigo's philosophy is that WE ARE ULTIMATELY IN CONTROL and can ride the waves without drowning in them, though it may not feel like it much of the time. Now when the grayness descends on my mind, I am able to remind myself that it is temporary, it will pass, and that I need to throttle back on my schedule and activites. And I know that it is okay for me to experience these waves, because I now recognize them, which is over half the battle to controlling the highs and lows. The euphoria is perhaps harder to handle than the depression. But now that I can name these feelings and stages that I go thru, they are no longer the fearsome monster within which can take control of me. I can wait out the bad feelings knowing that they will pass, and I can deny them a growth medium in my mind - simply by being informed that it is possible to do so. What a novel idea!

Is it easy? Or fun to ride the waves? No. It will always be a struggle I suspect. But it IS something that can be controlled through an understanding of the stages, and emotions and processes so that I can lead a joyful and productive life. My situation has already greatly improved. Thank goodness for Indigo's perseverence in espousing her thoughts and concepts on the waves, putting together her first book, and for making so much of it available to us for free on the internet. -

And why am I writing this testimonial? Because I can feel the grayness coming on these past few days, I logged onto the waverider's website in order to not feel alone. Indigo's repeated supportive reply's to others' posted comments are part of the reinforcement that helps put me back onto the path of riding the damn waves, rather than sinking under them. And I am so greatful for the ability to refresh my thought processes and remind myself of how to best handle the rising and falling tides in my life. "
Signed: A mom in DC who has benefitted significantly from the Waverider's information and philosophy.

""This book is my lifeline! - Thank you!"

Testimonial: Good Day Indigo, "I found your whole concept "riding the wave" and dealing with the down time both creative and encouraging for people labled as manic depressive. I love the concept of being evolved as well. Many brilliant people suffer from being brilliant and hence not fitting in as well as generic expectations would require. Your message is full of hope for people who want to be recognized as people , who are simply different and often very gifted. I love your work! I try to acknowledge all the good I see. I search the web often for imformation and research, but I only send a handful of heartfelt gratitudes for sharing. I just felt compelled to tell you that your concepts in my opinion are wonderful and a real gift to any reader seeking to understand themselves or a loved one suffering from the disorder of being a little different. You encourage embracing that as positive, and for that I applaud you!"

Testimonial: I HAVE REALLY ENJOYED YOUR BOOK---IT IS SO FULL OF TRUTHS... i would like to order your book for my sister, ... also please autograph it and put in a little message from me....something like 'thought you should have your own worth the read from me)."
(name withheld for privacy)

Testimonial: I have had people in my past that are slowly coming back in and I am repairing the relationships by my actions, not my words. It is so nice to have people notice a big difference in me without me pointing it out. One person said I carry a more calm aura around me. I feel it too, something I have never had before.
(name withheld for privacy)

Testimonial: This was the best book I have read in years... I finally understand what is going on. The book is so clear.
(name withheld for privacy)

Testimonial: My boyfriend enjoyed it so much I had to buy him his own copy. You really hit the nail on the head for people like me that have been through a lot. It is well written and really nice to find the affirmation that I am on the right track.
(name withheld for privacy)

Testimonial: Your words, research, and teachings have been an interesting and satisfying tool for my mind emotions, and allows me to be comfortable in my own mind. Thanks

Testimonial: Your book has helped tremendously in reframing my 'hopeless weirdness' into more of an untapped gift, allowing me to relax around it and even celebrate it. I'm learning to be kinder to myself and realize I need to do whatever it takes to connect with that loving grace I recognized so vividly because of my 'gift'. I can depend upon it's guidance only when I'm clear and present and truly listening. And so, I hereby dedicate myself to doing whatever it takes to achieve and maintain that state of peaceful presence and radiant health, even if it means accepting that I need extra help – for now at least.
(Name withheld for privacy)

Testimonial: Hi Indigo, A bit of feedback. I have found the greatest boon in reading Waveriders for me has been the discovery of the impact of my "up" states. Previously I had not been aware that these were the cause of my emotional plummeting. And they are so enjoyable who would suspect! I always thought they were my compensation for the black times - well now I know better.

Testimonial: I am anxiously (in a good way...not a high wave) awaiting your next book. Your first book literally leveled me out after years of wave riding. Just understanding and having perspective completely changed how I go through each day now. I can't thank you enough for your gift.

Testimonial: You're book literally saved my life. Really. I use an image of surfing on a wave, of keeping that balanced position on a wave whenever I feel the low sudden sinking or too high taking control. It's a very strong mental image. That image of surfing that level part of the wave saves me on a daily basis. I'm a type A, super service oriented, hero type of businesswoman. I have an image to others as a savvy fast paced get it done business person and I do get it done. I hide (very well) the other side. I would go, go, go to the point of burnout and then of course the inevitable depression and hide. I was getting sick a lot after every high wave. The highs came less and less and the lows were getting chronic.

Your book just really put my house in order. It changed my perspective and in turn I have a much better sense of calm which in turn has made me more efficient because I have focus. As I mentioned after 20 years I just stopped needing the anti-depressants. Didn't plan it I just noticed one day I hadn't picked up the bottle in months.

I have an artistic side, fast paced idea side and business side. Your writing about genius compared to society norms was right on. I've always been the peg that couldn't fit in the hole but moved through life at times along with society norms to fit in and function. 6 years ago I started what is now a very successful business and found my perfect work life for my mind set and energy type but with that came the guilt of making a very good living by not sitting at a desk. I'm an entrepreneur (not the norm). I think the guilt brought depression at some level of not meeting the society norm again. My business also has the high and low traits and I think I was riding the business cycle up and down. The section you wrote on genius and highs of artists and thinkers etc...fitting in to society norms (or really not) hit home. I feel a totally different sense of balance and understanding from reading and applying the ideas of your book. It's a daily discipline but definitely it is paying off with great rewards. People generally think the movers and shakers of the world don't have the waves when in fact most of us do and that's why we produce. We just are very good at hiding the other side knowing it is viewed by society as a weakness. Thanks
(Name withheld for privacy)