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The Wave Riders®
The Wave Riders®

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Move Your Mood and Balance Your Waves – Online Program!

This empowering 6 week online program has been created with you in mind!

If you are feeling sad and uninspired or seem to not be able to get ahead because moods get in the way and deep sadness sneaks up on you, or if you have been diagnose with depression or bipolar disorder this online and one-to one program is perfectly designed for you!

This 6 week program is beyond anything that has been available before! This is a wonderful way to learn, and have fun moving your mood (you can even attend anonymously) in the privacy of your own comfortable space. In these sessions, we will learn how to more easily move our mood and shift our energized state to a more sustainable energy. Easy tools help to show the way! . Patricia Indigo Irwin will personally coach and consult with you, one to one via phone or Skype. These sessions are ‘positive and solution-focused’ bringing us to a better place when needed we do not spend time wallowing in the much, such as, you might find elsewhere.

Move Your Mood Program: Take charge of your life!
    Discover how to take back your power from seemingly out of control emotions
  • Uncover the life you really want to live rather than having a life you think you want.
  • Learn tools to help move from one set of feelings to another
  • Learn when to make the best decisions for you that will guide you to your success.
  • Learn alternative ways to boost serotonin levels naturally
  • Lethargy and sadness may be a natural state/consequence of our lifestyle.
  • Create operational patterns in your life that you choose.
  • Work with Author, Consultant and Certified Life Coach Patricia Irwin.
  • Listen as you drive or jog to MP3 downloads of The Wave Riders Audio Book
  • Learn how to ride emotional waves in style and balance
  • Create more consistently and depend on your talents more.
  • 6 weeks anonymous online webinars
  • 6 consulting/coaching sessions with Patricia Indigo Irwin

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Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Wave Riders®

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Available Now - Transformational Life Coaching with Indigo - Click Here to Email Indigo

8.3 Million Americans reported that they contemplated suicide
...and those are the ones that admitted it.

The Wave Riders is NOT about "Learning how to be Bipolar or Depressed"
It is about understanding that normal people are often diagnosed as Bipolar and Depressed when they should not be!

The Wave Riders is about learning how to take back your power by understanding how you think and process the world around you.

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Depression & suicide are rising at incredible rates. I pledge to Kick Depression where it belongs  ...Out of Your Life! To expose it for what it is and to release the power of depression back to our fathers and mothers. I pledge to do my best to wrap my hands around depressions throat until it releases the grip it has on our children. Depression can be tamed – we just need the right tools. The Wave Riders' Book is the first step – the awareness of where the beast comes from and the first few steps to freedom. I hope that you will join me in the fight. Buy the book and email me anytime! Let’s get ready to kick some serious depression butt!

Revolutionary New Alternative Treatments and Discoveries
for Stopping Depression & Bipolar Disorder without Medication!

The Wave Riders - We look at depression in a way that is totally different than you have ever heard before!

  New Ways of dealing with Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety and ADD
  This is the stuff - Your Doctor may not even know yet!
  We have been fed the same old story about Mental Illness for too long!
  This New Knowledge works with or without medication
  This works on your own or with a therapist!
  NO expensive Medications, Suppliments or Programs Required*
   *Though not required you can add on programs and suppliments and medication as they can
    help in some cases.

The New "The Wave Riders" Book is now available in print in our store. Right Now Get Special Pricing on! Also check out the Brand New Digital Download of The Wave Riders – Riding and Understanding the Creativity & Mood Spectrum

The Wave Riders helps you to look at your experience with Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety in a different way than the medical books you may have read. Patricia takes you beyond the way that your doctor sees you (as a series of symptoms to be matched in their diagnosis protocols) to see yourself as gifted and not damaged.

In Book 2 titled 10 Revelations in the leap from Lawn Chairs to Limos! (The Transition Period) Patricia, shares the Revelations she uncovered in her journey through poverty and back again. She teaches that it is possible to bounce back from bankruptcy and gives hope to see a better future.

The Wave Riders® Book
The Wave Riders New Digital Book
The Wave Riders – Riding and Understanding the Creativity & Mood Spectrum

View Sample Chapter of the new Book

Then be ready to move on to her soon to be released Book III in the Waveriders Series “Creating Emotional Balance in our Accelerated World”, where she will release the research that she has compiled since Book I and finally show what the REAL causes of Depression is and how you likely will not need medication to get rid of it! This new book is backed up by years of research by PhD’s worldwide that your doctor likely does not know yet – very few do! In this innovative book, you will also learn of three major trends that have already started in our lives that will effect your family’s survival – mentally and financially! Within these three trends you will discover why mental "illness" is on the rise and why many of us have been unnecessarily medicated!
How does The Wave Riders’ help?   We are adding more all the time!

The Wave Riders Helps  Empowering Books not only for people fighting sadness, suffering from depression, bipolar disorder & anxiety –
       our books are NOT yourOLD BOOKS on DEPRESSION!

The Wave Riders Helps  We help to Optimize Mental Health & Create Emotional Balance with Books, Programs, & our Online Programs

The Wave Riders Helps  More Books - Not just about depression we also have Empowering Books like “Lawn chairs to Limos” about
       bouncing back from bankruptcy

The Wave Riders Helps  Creativity is linked to Mental Health issues – We look for ways to bring new research and information to help
       creative people to achieve maximum peak performance while maintaining optimal mental health.

The Wave Riders Helps  Links to cool stuff – some free like a downloadable chart your mood app – allows you to see your own
       patterns and food related issues

The Wave Riders Helps  Audio files help keep you on course!

The Wave Riders Helps  Personal Coaching Available

The Wave Riders Helps  Free newsletter

The Wave Riders Helps  Charitable program - can't afford the book - email us your request

The Wave Riders Helps  All purchases include bonuses!

The Wave Riders Goals: To share an understanding our Natural, Wave-like, High and Low, Emotional Energy Patterns. This understanding enables us to live Happier, healthier lives. We are able to Maximize our Creative Capacity while reducing (and often removing) some of the major reasons for suicide; addictions, severe depression and Bipolar Disorder that often plague the Creative Mind.

We all have creative potential but for some of us it has been stifled by the need to be in conformity in our jobs, schools and as children. This creative thinking process can be reawakened. When we live to our full potential - problems seem to disappear.

What started with the book - grew to more books and more tools (like software to chart your moods vs your daily routine) and is now exploding into a tsunami wave of activity and growing international membership. People from all over the world are coming together to stand up and say "We are not damaged - We are gifted and we can learn to use these gifts without the pain of burn out and depression!" What you see here is only the beginning! Become part of the wave - today! Jump right in and start creating your special place.
The Wave Riders-Click Here to Get Your FREE CD

The Wave Riders offers: Depression Books - Bipolar Disorder Books - Alternative Depression Treatments without Medication - Depression Help