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Comparing Ourselves
By Patricia Indigo Irwin

Today, I sat in the quiet of the morning listening to thoughts that were flowing through my mind. Like stock prices spewing out of a ticker tape machine, I was bombarded.

I realized that not all of those thoughts were supportive and I began to feel my confidence slipping.

Already interrupted by email I continued to filter through the spam and stumbled upon a note from a woman psychologist. Curiosity distracted me and I followed the link to her website. I could see that she was attractive, well spoken, she had a masters degree and her prime directive was to counsel small children in third world countries.

"Wow", I paused. That did nothing to help my self-confidence.

"I must not be as good or worthy as she is. Why is she willing to give herself to war-torn countries and I have absolutely no desire to do that? I must not be as nice a person as she is."

In a few moments another thought came to my mind. I am pretty sure this is what God wants me to understand.

He would say to me,

"Why, do you want to be her? I have already created her and did not want there to be "two of her" and so I created you. I could have made her "twins" but that is not what I wanted to do. I want, and still want, you - exactly as you are.

Her experience and desires lead her to areas where she can do the most good because that is where I want her to do my good work.

You experience and desires lead you to where you can do the most for others and that is where I want you to do my good work.

  • You do not need to be the same as her.
  • You both are helping in different ways and in different places.
  • You are neither better than nor worse than anyone else.
  • You are exactly as you should be.
The Wave Riders Depression Newsletter
And you will only be the best that you can be by being YOU and not HER!

We are perfect in our imperfections as those perfect "flaws" create the "perfect us" for "our perfect work".

I wonder today who you compare your worth to and how that comparison is affecting you.

How do you come to terms with what you see in your life, as perhaps, a better person than you?

We all have our own talents

In Balance

Patricia Indigo Irwin
Author: The Wave Riders: Exploring the connection between creativity, bipolar disorder, ADD and depression.

Author: The Wave Riders Series
- The Wave Riders
- 10 Revelations in the Leap from Lawn Chairs to Limos.
- Creating Emotional Balance in our Accelerated World

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