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The Wave Riders® Digital Download
The New Book – The Wave RidersRiding the Creativity & Mood Spectrum as read by Patricia Indigo Irwin with narrator Paul Burke and music by Manfred Harter.

This audio book set opens up a conversation that is beneficial to us all. We discuss the duality of our nature as human beings and why knowing our personal wave pattern is so important. We share how embracing our differences benefits our survival. Includes many steps and tips on preventing mental illness and how we can optimize our mental health. Learn how creative idea thinkers, artists and high-achievers may be vulnerable to crossing the line into mental illness and how you may be able to protect your family from “crossing that line”.

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22 Mp3 Downloads over 12 hours of listening.

Full Audio Mp3

Note: These audio recordings are included in our Moving Your Mood program

The Wave Riders®


Free Depression CD
Here's what you'll learn:

Tick 1  Secret # 1........Review & More Information
                               on observing our personal wave patterns

Tick 1  Secret # 2........You are not your Depression -
                               How not to take depression personally – it has little to do with you!

Tick 1  Secret # 3........What you have been told may be Wrong!
                               New research: Depression may not be just a chemical imbalance!

Tick 1  Secret # 4........Your Brain may be exactly as it is Meant to BE.
                               Learn how your brain operates!

Tick 1  Secret # 5........Sometimes you need a Day in the HOLE!
                               Built up tension sometimes needs a little release.

Tick 1  Secret # 6........Stop, Drop & Breathe
                               How this fast and easy tip may prevent your Depression!

Tick 1  Secret # 7........When to Make a Life Altering Decision
                               There IS a "Right time" to make a decision that affects your life!Tick 1  Secret # 8........What to say to someone who is Depressed
                               Things we can say that may help someone out of depression faster

PLUS... That is not all that you will receive!

BONUS REPORT!                   Top Ten Financial Tips for Wave Riders - $9.95 Value
You will receive an immediate transfer to a page where this PDF report is ready for download INSTANTLY!

Indigo said "Let's Give Away the CD" !!

We thought.....

Maybe she's gone on a Wave Ride and is Out of Her Mind!

If you have met her you know how strong her passion is to help every single person on the planet, regardless of their income level. She believes people that need help should get help no matter what. So, to make sure that Indigo did not "Break the Bank" we made her agree to letting the clients cover the cost of shipping and handling! After all we want The Wave Riders to be here offering us support for a long time!

She made us set our shipping and handling at $ 6.95 US

And she said to tell you that she does care if you need help, and if you are so broke at this time that even shipping and handling is too much for you, she wants to help you out. And if you have only 25 cents in your pocket and want the help but just can't cover the shipping and handling, let us know too and we will work something out for you. So, if that is the case, please send her an email at She has been there and really knows that you need help when you need it - and that may not be at the same time as when you have cash in hand. For some, financial distress means you no longer have a credit card - yes, she has been there too! Email Indigo to make alternative arrangement.

If you can help with the 6.95 shipping and handling that is great and we THANK YOU!

Yes, I want to get my FREE CD and pay the $6.95 shipping and handling now!
The Wave Riders®

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