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June 2005 ęTheWaveRiders.com

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  • Lesson 4 - Preparing for the Up time - Calming triggers 
  • Today's Gentle Reminder: Letter from a reader
    Quote: Samuel Butler ... Luck.

New Website. Don't be shocked - It's the same TheWaveRiders.com with a new face

Within the next few weeks you will see a new website at TheWaveRiders.com Cleaner and brighter and easier to find what you are looking for.  We have started to divide the site into sections.  One section will be with have a mental health focus and will include helpful items for therapists, groups and individuals.  The second section is for the new "Personal Energy Waves" book and "Mastering your Waves" workshops and will include corporate training information.  The "Personal Energy Waves" book has not been released for sale yet -it is coming soon and The Wave Riders newsletter subscribers will be the first to know!

FEATURE ARTICLE by Indigo Irwin Kennedy:

Assignment 4 - TheWaveRiders.com
Preparing the Hermit Cave - A TLC Box for the Downtime
from The Wave Riders Workbook - Mastering your Personal Physical and Emotional Energy Waves

Assignment 4
The first assignments (see list below) have helped you to understand the waves that have pushed and pulled you through your life. You are becoming better at helping yourself when you are on different levels of those waves. Assignment 4 is about preparing for the uptime.

So let's get started with your next assignment!   Click here.

The assignments so far...(If you did not get started charted your Personal Energy Waves then don't worry, follow along and read important information that can greatly improve your life.)

  • Assignment 1 (January 2005) Charting your personal energy waves
  • Assignment 2a (February 2005) Up waves and Actions
  • Assignment 2b (March 2005) Down wave and Actions
  • Assignment 2c (April 2005) Mid wave and Actions
  • Assignment 3 (May 2005) Preparing the Hermit Cave - A TLC Box for the Downtime
  • Assignment 4 (June 2005) Preparing for the UP time - Calming Triggers


    Please let me know if you have any troubles downloading the information and I will Email you a copy.

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Today's Gentle Reminder - Readers Input
I received this note from a reader and wanted to share her story with you...

I am anxiously (in a good way...not a high wave) awaiting your next book. Your first book literally leveled me out after years of wave riding. Just understanding and having perspective completely changed how I go through each day now. I can't thank you enough for your gift.

You're book literally saved my life. Really. I use an image of surfing on a wave, of keeping that balanced position on a wave whenever I feel the low sudden sinking or too high taking control. It's a very strong mental image. That image of surfing that level part of the wave saves me on a daily basis. I'm a type A, super service oriented, hero type of businesswoman. I have an image to others as a savvy fast paced get it done business person and I do get it done. I hide (very well) the other side. I would go, go, go to the point of burnout and then of course the inevitable depression and hide. I was getting sick a lot after every high wave. The highs came less and less and the lows were getting chronic.

Your book just really put my house in order. It changed my perspective and in turn I have a much better sense of calm which in turn has made me more efficient because I have focus. As I mentioned after 20 years I just stopped needing the anti-depressants. Didn't plan it I just noticed one day I hadn't picked up the bottle in months.

I have an artistic side, fast paced idea side and business side. Your writing about genius compared to society norms was right on. I've always been the peg that couldn't fit in the hole but moved through life at times along with society norms to fit in and function. 6 years ago I started what is now a very successful business and found my perfect work life for my mind set and energy type but with that came the guilt of making a very good living by not sitting at a desk. I'm an entrepreneur (not the norm). I think the guilt brought depression at some level of not meeting the society norm again. My business also has the high and low traits and I think I was riding the business cycle up and down. The section you wrote on genius and highs of artists and thinkers etc...fitting in to society norms (or really not) hit home. I feel a totally different sense of balance and understanding from reading and applying the ideas of your book. It's a daily discipline but definitely it is paying off with great rewards.

People generally think the movers and shakers of the world don't have the waves when in fact most of us do and that's why we produce. We just are very good at hiding the other side knowing it is viewed by society as a weakness.

K. (Name withheld for privacy)

Thank you, K. for expressing your thoughts and sharing your ideas with us. If you would like to add to this article or submit a new article or story - send me an Email at submit@thewaveriders.com

Quote of the month

People are lucky and unlucky... according to the ratio between what they get and what they have been led to expect.

Samuel Butler
(1612-1680, British poet, satirist)

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