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The Wave Riders®

Move Your Mood and Balance Your Waves!

Author of The Wave Riders
Patricia Indigo Irwin

This empowering 6 week online program has been created with you in mind! Offered at three different times in the week it is a wonderful way to learn, (you can even attend anonymously) in the privacy of your own comfortable space. In these sessions, we will learn how to more easily move our mood and shift our energized state to a more sustainable energy.  Easy tools help to show the way!  Within the webinar you are invited to ask questions and bring challenges so that we can all learn how to move beyond them.  Patricia Indigo Irwin will personally coach and consult with you, one to one via phone or Skype.  These sessions are ‘positive and solution-focused’ bringing us to a better place when needed we do not spend time wallowing in the much, such as, you might find elsewhere.
Move Your Mood Program: Take charge of your life!   Discover how to take back your power from seemingly out of control emotions -   Uncover the life you really want to live rather than having a life you think you want -   Learn tools to help move from one set of feelings to another -   Learn when to make the best decisions for you that will guide you to your success -   Learn alternative ways to boost serotonin levels naturally -   Lethargy and sadness may be a natural state/consequence of our lifestyle
  Create operational patterns in your life that you choose -   Work with Author, Consultant and Certified Life Coach Patricia Irwin
  Listen as you drive or jog to mpg3 downloads of The Wave Riders Audio Book -   Learn how to ride emotional waves in style and balance -   Create more consistently and depend on your talents more -   6 weeks anonymous online webinars -   6 consulting/coaching sessions with Patricia Indigo Irwin
Indigo is truly God sent, a skillful mentor and highly gifted in her words of counsel and wealth of knowledge in regards to the phenomena that is Wave Riding. Time and time again I have fallen into the grips of obsessive self-analysis and the over-use of adrenaline which leads me into the dark pit of depression. I am thankful to have an overseas mentor, by whom I can call friend. She is always there - day or night to answer my problems and guide me into blissful and perfect balance.
She truly is AMAZING!!!
*thumbs up*  Jane - United Kingdom

I am very grateful to Indigo for coming into my life with her unwavering commitment and support, in many different ways, to assist me in creating my vision for this ‘new’ era of my life as a visual artist. Her ability to be help me clarify my dream, then to ‘coach’ me along using her knowledge and skills to identify and then initiate the plan and steps required to be continually moving, in a way, effortlessly in this direction, has been amazing. I have learned, from Indigo, to recognise where I am at on the ‘wave’ and to use this information for my greater good and to my advantage. She believes ‘it’ can be accomplished – she is a creative person helping others be productively creative.<br />
Destanne Norris – Canada

Times can get tough, but without having YOU on your side – getting out of the muck is nearly impossible. Now, with this engaging program, you will learn how to climb out of the negative spin.  You learn when it is best to make life altering decisions – decisions that you really want and not just some desperate reach to solve the bill problem. You will learn to recognize surges in energy and techniques to tame them without losing your creative edge.  You will also learn – that you are not damaged but that you think in a unique way – we all do – there is no normal brain to be compared to though many researchers try to do just that.  Learn to be the unique you in balanced harmony!  Learn how to get back on that horse that likes to fly at lightning speed and to harness it into a more pleasing ride.

If you are struggling with depression, have been diagnosed as bipolar or you know someone that has, this program and its unique thinking strategies and tool can really help.  From Hong Kong to Denmark, people have read The Wave Riders Book and shared, many times, that it “saved my life”.  

That is our goal: To save, where possible our great minds – our mothers, fathers and our children. 
To  help to save our high-level executives that are burning out at incredible speeds and 
To lower the rising rate of disability due to mental illness.  
To promote ways to achieve optimal mental health by nurturing and honoring our diversity.Here is what you might pay for: A total package valued over $5,000.00 But you will NOT be paying that! Nor will you be paying even half of that!
You have heard of the promotion for mental health called “Let’s Talk” sponsored by Bell – now let’s really talk - let’s have an ongoing supportive conversation that just may really get you on your way!
We all want to change the things that don't work in our lives. Patricia Indigo Irwin, in her book, The Wave Riders, tackles this problem by giving the reader user-friendly steps to be applied in the very moment they are needed. When I began reading the book, something prompted me to start reading it out loud. I continued, in this way, and found myself going through the entire book twice. Now, two months later, I catch myself unwittingly repeating the exact words of The Wave Riders to my family, friends, and clients. The book has worked its way into my life. You too will know you are inside the mind of a brilliant teacher. Just read the first page and see if you can put the book down! 
Miriam - Consultant/Teacher/Journalist
In order for you to be part of this wonderfully empowering online webinar from the original “The Wave Riders” and receive discounts to future in-person seminars, to receive personal consultations and life coaching directly from certified professional coach and trainer Patricia Indigo Irwin, to receive hours and hours of audio learning from The Wave Riders audio book and to receive the printed book delivered to your door you will only pay:

Make 1 Payment and SAVE $200.00!
Canadian Residents
$1,297 + GST

Outside of Canada

Or Make 3 Easy Payments of $499.00!

Canadian Residents
3 Payments of $499 + GST

Outside of Canada
3 Payments of $499

Still not sure? Don’t Waste Another Day!

Start with our Introductory Package Offer
Included in our Introductory Package:
1/2 hour Consulting/Coaching Session with Patricia Indigo Irwin
The Wave Rider – Riding the Creativity & Mood Spectrum PDF version
1 online webinar Introductory Session.
Bonus CD
Value $250.00
Only $97.00 (plus tax in Canada)

As soon as you have completed your payment options you will receive your PDF digital downloads, access to the audio files and a confirmation email (please click to confirm).  As soon as you have completed your purchase and confirmed your email, a list of webinar date options and coach/consulting session dates with Patricia Indigo Irwin will be emailed to you. 
Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity to finally discover who you were born to be and to build a plan specifically designed for you! Financing may be available! Simply contact:
Note: the webinar is based in North America and long distance phone charges may apply – from your phone company. In North America long distance plans are often inexpensive as low, in some cases around $20.00 a month. Please talk with your phone provider prior to beginning the webinar so that you are not surprised by a long distance bill.

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