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About the Author

Patricia Indigo Irwin
Patricia Indigo Irwin
Author of The Wave Riders
Patricia Indigo Irwin

Patricia Indigo Irwin is an author, teacher and an Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC) and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. Patricia has worked for over a decade with people who are experiencing low and/or varying mood levels and has experience assisting people with Depressive and Bipolar tendencies and researches and writes about how these patterns relate to creative thinkers; managers, employees, artists and entrepreneurs. Patricia studies the habits of creative thinking parents, students and addictions and offers "Alternative Thinking Approaches" to Optimal Mental Health.

What does my former writing name mean?

Indigo To be Indigo is to be very still and to clear the chatter from my mind. It is to breathe deeply and listen to what God would like me to hear, say, and write. Being "Indigo" is being in a very intuitive state and so in that moment I can be fully present, fully “Indigo” and be fully listening to you! Being "Indigo"; "to be fully present" and "mindful". Hearing myself called Indigo reminds me to return to that state.

Irwin is to honor my daughter who taught me patience and non-judgmental acceptance while I worked through some tough times.

Kennedy Kennedy is to honor my mother who taught me to observe my surroundings. She taught me to observe the Bipolar Mind by showing me hers.

The three names together Indigo Irwin Kennedy; create, for me, a powerful reminder
to stay balanced between heaven and earth.

Enjoy the journey!

Go past the conscious knowing into the deeper knowing that you already have.
I would be happy to travel this journey with you.


The Present

8.3 Million Americans reported that they contemplated suicide in 2009
...and those are the ones that admitted it.

Depression and suicide are rising at incredible rates. I pledge to kick depression in the ass! To expose it for what it is and to release the power of depression back to our fathers and mothers. I pledge to do my best to wrap my hands around depressions throat until it releases the grip it has on our children. Depression can be tamed – we just need the right tools. The Wave Rider’s Book is the first step – the awareness of where the beast comes from and the first few steps to freedom. I hope that you will join me in the fight. Buy the book and email me anytime! Let’s get ready to kick some serious depression butt!

What do I feel my passion is today? My passion is to empower every person who is suffering right now from depression to know that they can be happy.

I want to empower those intelligent and creative souls that ride the waves between ecstasy and depression. Affectionately named -The Wave Riders.

It is my goal to create acceptance of a different type of personality, a perfectly normal personality, that requires certain rules of balance and breathing to maintain maximum creativity while avoiding the depths of depression. I want to help Create Emotional Balance. I want to end the suffering of Mothers and Fathers and children who cannot see the light.

It is my goal to teach The Wave Riders (that have developed the ability to trigger an adrenaline response within their bodies) the ability to calm the surge of energy while maintaining their creative levels and a more consistent mood.

It is my goal to show that this is not disease, this is not disorder...this is evolution created by societies desire to continually motivate without balance. The old spiritual belief..."that you have unlimited energy" has not been curbed with "that must be balanced". Today, hundreds of Wave Riders from Singapore, to Germany, from Australia to the USA and Canada are wakening up to a new point of view.

The Past
I was raised in a home where religion was not mentioned other than God, who was something we were angry at. As I grew older, I became curious and I asked myself, "What is it that I believe?".

I pondered this question and in my mind I observed the many miracles that had happened in my life. A knowing kind of feeling came to my mind and filled my heart. I just knew at that moment and deep inside, that there existed a higher level of knowledge and understanding. Sometimes, we call this energy God or Father or Universal Spirit.

It is my belief, that we are cared for and loved, combined with a new view of what is happening with my changing energy levels that has helped me to win the battle with depression. In my heart, I know that our soul is never damaged and only observes our experience. I have learned to move with the flow of what is universally shown to me, and rather than demanding that the universe alter to my desires and plans. It is knowing, that when I feel fear, I have lost faith, that stops me from worrying about problems and lets me get on with finding solutions.

In the book I discuss some of the childhood experiences that I endured living with a bipolar mother and again to witness the repeating of the "curse" and suffer myself as a bipolar mother. While writing the book, I did not want to bring up the events of my childhood - not because I did not want to experience the pain again, but because I felt I was finished with the lessons I needed to learn from my childhood experiences.

I have included them in the book simply to provide a greater understanding of the events that led me to find a way out. I do not want to degrade the image of my mother nor to blame her for anything that I am responsible for doing. I understand her and I will always love her. She was a wonderful woman who did not have the answers that I have today.

Moving Forward
I have not wanted to shout that I have suffered from depression because I no longer wish to give depression any of my life energy. Though it is sometimes easier to sit back and say that I am depressed today and feel that I have good reason not to participate in life, in the end, the fight back is not worth the day off. There is no comfort in the giving up.

I am done with depression. I am finished giving into it. This does not mean that it is done with me. The old habits return as soon as I try to do too much or I focus on the negative. Break my personal rules and I can be back viewing the world in gray again. When that happens - I don't take it too seriously. I laugh at the foolishness of my overwork and I give myself some TLC.

We usually forget that sadness will end. If you fall back into depression, you will think that this is how you are and will be forever. Just keep telling yourself that it is not true. The bleak world you see is a delusion brought about by the burn out of your previous activities. Depression does end and you are not this thing or this feeling. Do not take falling into depression as a personal failure. Learn to honor yourself and learn to treat yourself better. Learn to cherish your down time as much as you do the "high" ride.

It is difficult to find what we enjoy if we have for many years made decisions and chosen career paths out of fear. When we choose out of fear we frequently fail and this can undermine our confidence.

Wave Riders often suffer financial difficulties along with their emotional struggles. These problems get worse when we get stuck in self-blame rather than continuing to find solutions. Learn to ride the emotional waves, learn to make decisions from the mid-wave, learn to push away thoughts that do not add value to your life, and you begin to end the cycle of struggle. We learn to make our life decisions from a more balanced mind.

When we know what it is we want in our lives, we then need to learn how to "stick with it" in faith, not allowing the negativity and doubt to stop us. Do not allow any of your negative thoughts to reside in your mind. When you hear yourself doubting - explain to yourself that the negative thought has never helped you in the past and that it is not longer welcome here. Eventually, it will get the message. You must do this at the first sign of feeling tired or hearing yourself think negatively. If you do not catch the negativity as soon as it begins, then you will slip deeper into depression; a place more difficult to return from.

Recently, I looked at an article with Bipolar Disorder written across the header and I had a deep feeling that the description no longer fit who I was. I felt distance, no longer consumed by a dark monster that had control over my emotions.

I am more and more convinced that we are not diseased and damaged, but that we are creative and intelligent people that simple did not know how to "Ride the Waves". When we learn how to ride our emotional energy waves, depression fades away and you become more successful in relationships, careers and finances.

I have today what I never thought possible and what I want to share with readers ....the discovery of joy and peace.

  Beyond the mind, around the heart, fill the soul. Remember to take care of yourself a little each day.


Author Biography

Patricia Indigo Irwin
Indigo Irwin Kennedy
Author of The Wave Riders
Patricia Indigo Irwin was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Her immediate family consisted of her mother (deceased), father(deceased)
and three brothers.
In the early 1960's the family moved west to North Vancouver, British Columbia.
In October 1988 she welcomed into the world her baby girl.

What qualifies Patricia Indigo Irwin to write about depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety ? Patricia' unique abilities come from the experience of living with and observing her mother's bipolar disorder, and her determination to find a way to stop the cycle of depression and pain in her family. She successfully has removed the debilitating depression that threatened to take away all that she knew as her mother's traits began showing up in her. Patricia raised a daughter on her own, struggling through financial and physical hardships while battling the same depression that destroyed her mother. The depression stayed for years - the high energy cycle created financial despair. It was through this struggle that she found a way to stop her cycles of high and low energy. Patricia found that The Wave Rider's simple steps repeated and practiced would help other people stop their cycles as well. The book was made available online in 2000 and readers from throughout the world became communicating their success in gaining a new perspective on their lives and improving their mental health with the tools and theories found in The Wave Rider's book.

Patricia is now a successful author, speaker, photographer, business manager and entrepreneur. Patricia combines those skills as a "Director of Positive Change" and can be found working frequently within the Within the center she developed a three tier program to "Lift up to Success". This program has helped to lift people out of depression and financial struggle to leap the success wall and create a better life for themselves and their families.

Tier I - Learning to balance our creative minds and to Lift up out of Depression.
Tier II - Defining where we want to go from here - A new career? A new business? Clean up old debts? A new place to Live?
Tier III - Clear plan of action, Follow-up and implementation of Systems - Business systems? Websites? Support systems?

"It is time to stop labeling millions of people as as depressed
and get to the root of our cycles to create Emotional Balance!"

Patricia Indigo Irwin has created workshops that help Wave Riders practice the steps found in her books. Participants listen to stories of hope and inspiration wrapped in humor.

For business workshops she has designed programs to help employers empower the full potential of their staff, reducing stress, increasing productivity and which in turn reducing sick time and increasing "career passion". Employees discover how to find a home for their passions often within their current positions.

From smaller lectures to larger workshops; from Bipolar disorder to motivational; from Canada to throughout the world...there is an Patricia Indigo Irwin lecture series ready to help you soar!

Patricia Indigo Irwin may be available for a presentation in your area.

For general or additional information on fees and bookings or to submit a story, please email: