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The Wave Riders®

The Wave Riders – Riding the Creativity & Mood Spectrum
Audio Book Version

Author of The Wave Riders
Patricia Indigo Irwin

The WaveRiders - Audio Book Now Available! If you think you are not creative – don’t worry this book is for anyone looking for acceptance and tools to move mood (everyone is creative but many don’t recognize it).

This book, not only recognizes what may be happening to you or a loved one at this very moment - it also brings forth the larger picture of what is happening to entire generations. This is important to how you look at your current situation – because it makes sense, it shows you another way at looking at why sometimes your feel great – and sometimes you don’t.

Sometimes being normal is more about fitting in to the current idea of normal – which does not really exist. When we try to squeeze people into normal – we may need to medicate them so that their resistance is futile. Instead of looking at the larger picture of why we might be changing, we accept that something is wrong with us.

When our viewpoint acknowledges different types of thinking minds - then we can discover the unique person’s gift and help them to work with their own thinking patterns.

Often high achievers end up in depression and can be diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  I challenge readers to view the word bipolar as meaning two poles and almost all of our high achievers (perhaps everyone) have two poles in which they operate.  We can see that we operate on many points along a continuum at any given time in our lives. Problems arise when we don’t recognize our patterns in time and we don’t have tools to balance our Riding the Waves – High Achievement High Wave – Mid- Wave – The Low

After months in the recording studio and with the help of Narrator Paul Burke and Classical Guitarist Manfred Harter – the audio book is ready for you now!

This Audio Book is included in our “Online Move Your Mood Program” and can be purchased separately right here. Not to worry – should you decide to join our online Move your Mood Program at a later date (within 6 month of purchase) we will credit you this purchase and send your money back to you.

This is the Entire Audio Book – The Wave Riders – Riding the Creativity & Mood Spectrum
24 MP3’s Downloads (Equivalent to nearly 20 CD’s)

Patricia Indigo Irwin has a soothing voice to listen to (along with Narrator Paul Burke and Manfred Harter’s Guitar to break things up a little) - these high quality mp3 audio files offer hours of listening and learning - shifting your mood and understanding who may be from a different angle are available when you want to listen – Your time and your place!

Listen while you are driving or walking or even in the comfort of your easy chair.

Learn Easy Alternative Methods to Boost Mood - One as simple as “using your hands …”

A simple fact that most coaching professionals know …
We really can Move our Mood – When we Know How!

  • Sometimes it is hard to read when we are sad and it can be hard to focus yet still we need help.
  • We need something that can reach in and shake up our thoughts. This book and in particular this audio book can help reach in and open our mind with new information.
  • Maybe there is something else going on that you do have control over in your life – maybe you just need some different information.

That is why these audio files were created

Full Audio Mp3

Please contact us if you require any assistance at all with your downloads as we are happy to assist you.

Still not sure - here are some samples for you

Listen to the Introduction [download mp3]

Listen to the Forward [download mp3]